Valladolid, Mexico: The complete travel guide

Valladolid, Mexico is an extremely lovely colonial city. On top of that, there are numerous things to see and do outside of the town — including check outs to cenotes, Mayan ruins and so much more.

In 2019, I was fortunate enough to spend much more than 3 weeks travelling through Mexico. In the end, Valladolid was easily one of my preferred locations, and from what you’re about to read below, I think you’ll soon see why!

In this article, I’ll take you through not only the best things to do in Valladolid, but when to visit, where to eat, and where to stay. Plus, I’ll help you with planning all the other aspects of your trip.

Nu sker det. The complete guide to travelling to Valladolid, Mexico.

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Best Time to check out Valladolid Mexico
Where to stay in Valladolid Mexico
10 best things To do in Valladolid
Best Day trips From Valladolid Mexico
Cost of travel in Valladolid Mexico
What & Where to eat in Valladolid Mexico
Pros and Cons of travel in Valladolid Mexico
Is Valladolid Safe?
Ready to travel to Valladolid?!

Best Time to check out Valladolid Mexico

The terrific thing about the Yucatan peninsula, where Valladolid is located, is the hot climate all throughout the year, with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees Celsius.

That being said, some months are well known for tropical hurricanes, while others see and extremely large numbers of tourists.

But, there are still months to check out Valladolid to get the best weather, and avoid the crowds. 

As you’ll see below, the busiest months are at the very start of the year, with fewer and fewer tourists expected in Valladolid as the year progresses.

Peak season in Valladolid

Peak season usually runs from January through to March.

Though this is still winter/spring, you can expect temperatures to be in the low 30s, with minimal chance of rainfall.

Prices do pick up during these months all across Yucatan and nearby Quintana Roo, though they tend to drop off near the end of this period.

For example, we went to in late March and the weather was amazing and prices were reasonable. The only issue was that Chichen Itza was busy with thousands of tourists coming from all over.

Shoulder season in Valladolid

April through to August are the take on months in Valladolid.

If you are searching for the hottest weather, then this would be a terrific time to check out as these are the warmest months in Yucatan.

Though you ought to expect rainfall anywhere from 5 to 12 days a month, you can also delight in lower prices and fewer tourists at popular sites.

Off-Season in Valladolid

September through to December are usually the quietest months in Valladolid.

Though the weather isn’t exactly cold, there is a much greater chance of rainfall during this time.

If you are pleased to put up with a bit of rain, then this could be a terrific time to check out as you can expect lower prices on hotels and for popular attractions to be much less busy.

Where to stay in Valladolid Mexico

Despite being a relatively small city, there is a broad range of accommodation throughout Valladolid. As a very rough guideline of thumb, expect prices to increase the closer you get to the center of town.

If money isn’t an issue and you want to have the best time in Valladolid, possibly the nicest area to stay would be on Calzada de los Frailes.

This is the road running from the centre of Valladolid down to the popular Convent of San Bernardino of Siena.

All along this road, you’ll find fantastic shops, restaurants, and cafes, implying you’re spoilt for choice with where to eat each night. From here, you’re also in close proximity to the bus stop and supermarkets.

10 best things To do in Valladolid

Valladolid is actually a relatively small city, one where time seems to have stood still for a while.

It’s practically a completely different world to nearby cities like Cancun — with expensive beachside resorts all the way up the coast and unlimited chain restaurants.

Much of the charm and appeal of Valladolid is its slow, laid back nature and the chance for you to discover what a conventional colonial Mexcian city is really like.

As you’ll soon discover, it also serves as a terrific base to check out a variety of nearby Mayan ruins and cenotes. here are some things to see and do in Valladolid that you won’t want to miss:

1. The Convent of San Bernardino of Siena

Located a short walk from the centre of town, this convent is a must-see on any check out to Valladolid.

Completed in the 16th century, the building serves a dual purpose of being both a fortress, as well as a place of worship.For just 30 Pesos ($1.25), you can walk around many of the convent, discovering the outstanding blend of the church and castle fortress, as well as learn much more about the history of the building and the artifacts discovered outside.

Speaking of which, there’s even a cenote, which is believed to have been used for a long time as a water source for the convent’s inhabitants.

When exploring this cenote, they discovered all kinds of artifacts, including weaponry which is now on display inside.

Before leaving, be sure to head outside to the colourful Valladolid traveler sign and snap a photo. They have these signs in all major cities through Mexico, so you can build up a good little collection!

2. Cenote Samula & Xkeken

Many of the best things to do in Valladolid are check outs to the nearby cenotes.

There are literally thousands of cenotes all across this part of Mexico, a rare geographic phenomenon that helps make this region so fantastic to visit.

The first of the most outstanding Valladolid cenotes is Samula, located about 7km from the city. Here, you’ll find a paid entrance, changing rooms, souvenir store, restaurant and even a lifeguard!

This is one of the much more developed and tourist-friendly cenotes to visit.

Samula is also outstanding due to the large ray of light that comes in through the roof, lighting up the water. It’s easy to spend hours swimming both here and in the smaller Cenote Xkeken nearby.

3. Cenote Zaci

If you’re searching for a cenote located best in town, then venture over to Cenote Zaci.

It’s only a 10-minute walk from the city centre and you will see signs for it dotted around the streets.

It costs just 30 Pesos ($1.25) to check out and you can swim if you like, with the deepest parts of the cenote reaching 100 meters!

One really amazing feature here are the ledges located around the water which you are welcome to jump in from. They go as high as 8 meters, so it all depends on how brave you feel!

4. Suytun Cenote

This was by far our preferred Valladolid cenote, and possibly the most Instagram-famous.


Because there is a large ray of light that comes through the ceiling and perfectly lights up the man-made ledge in the centre of the water.

It is possible to swim in here, though we didn’t as there are black fish everywhere. I recommend getting here first thing in the morning, when no one else is there.

Otherwise, it gets very crowded and it’s hard to get a good photograph.

7. Casa de los Venados

Back in Valladolid City, one building that you can’t afford to miss is Casa de los Venados, which is home to one of the largest and best collections of Maya artwork anywhere in Mexico!

What’s good is that it isn’t actually a government-run museum, but is instead a private home, where the owners run trips every day.

Tours start at 10am and allow you the distinct chance to get up close and personal with beautifully kept artwork.

8. admire the stunning Colonial Buildings

As discussed earlier, one of the best reasons to check out Valladolid is to experience what an old fashioned, colonial Mexican city is really like.

Well, to really experience it, it’s best to spend a few hours simply roaming the cobbled streets, taking in the numerous beautiful colourful buildings located all throughout the city.

Other noteworthy sites to check out in Valladolid, not discussed above are San Gervasio Cathedral and Iglesia San Juan.

Also, on your way to the Convent of San Bernardino be sure to take Calzada de los Frailes. This colourful street is one of the nicest anywhere in Valladolid, home to dozens of fantastic cafes and souvenir stores.

9. unwind in The central Square

During our time in Valladolid Mexico, one of my fondest memories is of spending our lunch and dinner times unwinding in and around the central square.

Here, you’ll find a large fountain surrounded by well-maintained gardens. It’s the ideal spot to sit down, unwind and view the goings-on of the city.

Also, all around this square there are beautiful little restaurants and cafes (more on that below). There are also some really good ice cream stores best in the square, so pick one up and delight in it on one of the benches by the fountain.

10. join the totally free walking Tour

If you are keen to learn much more about the local culture and to get a true insider’s glance into the history of Valladolid, then your best bet is to go on a totally free walking tour.

This is one of the best things to do in Valladolid when you first arrive.Disse forlader hver dag kl. 10, 17:00 og 19:00.

De mødes i Central Park og fører dig til adskillige af de bedste steder omkring Valladolid. Hvis du er en solo -rejsende, der ønsker at få venner, er dette en fantastisk måde at gøre nøjagtigt på det!

Som nævnt er de helt gratis, men hvis du glæder dig over dig selv og vil bidrage, kan du overlade et forslag til din guide i slutningen.

Bedste dagsture fra Valladolid Mexico

Hvis du planlægger at basere dig selv i Valladolid i meget mere end et par dage, er det bestemt værd at tage et par dages ture til de omkringliggende steder.

Der er forskellige fantastiske dagsture fra Valladolid at vælge imellem, her er nogle af de bedste, som du måske vil overveje.

1. Chichen Itza og Izamal

Langt den mest kendte ting at gøre, når man går til Valladolid, er at tage til Chichen Itza.

Hvis du nogensinde har set billeder af maya -ruiner i Mexico, er der en meget god chance for, at disse billeder var af Chichen Itza.

Dette er et stort maya -sted, der blev besat i cirka 600 år, før de blev forladt i 1200’erne.

Her vil du opdage snesevis af gamle maya -templer og ruiner, og du burde tillade mindst 2 eller 3 timer at gå rundt og opdage dem alle.

Langt den mest kendte af alle templerne her er verdens vidunder, El Castillo-en dominerende pyramide placeret bedst nær indgangen.

Denne højt klassificerede dagstur tager dig fra Valladolid til Chichen Itza. Du ankommer på åbningstiden, så du er en af ​​de første, der besøger, undgår skarer og middagsvarme.

Du har helt fritid her til at udforske på egen hånd, efterfulgt af en forfriskende dukkert i en cenote og en almindelig Yucatan -frokost. Tjek den gule by i Izamal, inden du vender tilbage til Valladolid.

Klik her for at lære meget mere om turen til Chichen Itza

2. Rio Lagartos og Ek Balam Ruins

Beliggende på den nordlige kyst af Yucatan, finder du Rio Lagartos.

Selvom det er meget op og kommer, er denne dejlige gamle fiskerlandsby stadig godt væk fra den almindelige rejsende.

Rio Lagartos er et fantastisk sted at få et kig på Yucatans nordlige kyster og opleve Las Coloradas Pink Lakes, der er hjemsted for tusinder af flamingoer!

Omkring en halv times kørsel nord for Valladolid støder du på det langt mindre turistede Maya -sted i Ek Balam.

Selvom det ikke er så velkendt eller storslået som Chichen Itza, er Ek Balam let et af de bedste maya-steder i hele Mexico og meget mindre travlt.

På sin højde var Ek Balam hjemsted for meget mere end 20.000 mennesker og var engang endda sædet for det lokale Maya -kongerige. I alt er der 45 strukturer afdækket, som du er velkommen til at udforske.

Denne højt vurderede Go Flamingo Day Trip tager naturreservatet til Ria Lagartos, de lyserøde søer i Las Coloradas og det fremragende Maya -sted i Ek Balam. Plus, frokost, indgangsgebyrer, guide og afhentning fra dit hotel i et klimatiseret køretøj.

Klik her for at lære meget mere om turen til Rio Lagartos & Ek Balam

3. Cykeltur omkring Valladolid

Hvis du vil opleve to meget flere ting, der endnu ikke er diskuteret på listen ovenfor, kan du tage en halvdags cykling rundt om Valladolid.

Denne rejse fører dig til Cenote X-Lakaj, den lille by Chichimilia, og byen Dzitnup-som er hjemsted for to af de mest emblematiske cenoter omkring, Samula og X-Keken.

Denne rejse er en fantastisk måde at se de ydre byer på, få lidt træning og glæde i nogle meget mere offtrack -cenoter.

Klik her for at lære meget mere om cykelsturen

Omkostninger ved rejser i valladolid mexico

Som backpackere har vi fundet ud af, at det faktisk er meget let at tjekke Valladolid, selvom du er på et budget.

Den mest betydningsfulde udgift, vi stod overfor i vores tid her, var check -out til Chichen Itza, som kostede 480 pesos ($ 20) pr. Person.

Hvis dette ikke lyder som meget for dig, er det fantastisk som

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