Why Did nobody tell us We Were SHEEP On The Road?

So we’ve been blogging now for almost 3 years, as well as we’ve had the exact same logo for the majority of that time. Why has nobody ever told us that our logo was really two sheep as well as not two goats?

Sure, you may be saying: “It’s your site, if you phone call yourselves goats then you must understand what goats look like”.

Well we DIDN’T KNOW!

Pretty huge difference No?
According to Sheep101.info (yes that site exists):

“Goat horns are a lot more narrow, upright, as well as less rounded than sheep horns. Sheep tend to curl their horns in loops on the sides of their heads.”
“The simplest method to tell the difference between a sheep as well as goat is to look at their tails. A goat’s tail goes up”

Our present Logo:

The horns are rounded as well as the tail goes down! SHEEP IMPOSTERS!
As you can see by the photo above we are clearly “Sheep On The Road”.

We have a devoted complying with as well as we are extremely grateful for that. We have rather a few people reading this site every month as well as we’ve had a fair amount of comments, however not one person has told us that we’re sheep!

It’s fine guys…

We’re not mad at our readers. checking out these images,  we can see where all of us went wrong. These animals are similar. perhaps all of the  people who checked out this blog really understand as bit about the goat types as we do!

Goat Bewilderment
So exactly how did we recognize that we’re sheep?

Well, finally, after 5 years on the road, our Israeli German buddy who we satisfied in Mongolia, explained to us the difference between goats as well as sheep. His name is Merlin, as well as it is since of him, as well as his huge understanding of all things goat, that you see the new logo below. creating goats isn’t easy. In fact, these little modifications took me a absurd amount of time.

As you can see, I painstakingly made their sheep horns into goat horns, provided them floppy ears as well as flipped their sheep tails upside down.  We’ve likewise altered the font style as well as our tagline to much better fit our website. This will all be visible when we introduce our expert redesign later this month!

That’s Right, The Goats Are getting A Make-over!

We’re having the site totally revamped by the dazzling Scott Eldo at Eldo web Design. He’s been incredible so far as well as we’re truly liking the new look. below is a sneak preview of the site so far. It’s bound to modification a bit before we introduce however we wished to show you so we might hear your sincere criticisms!

The new style therefore Far…
We requirement Your Help! Please response These concerns In The comments Below!

1. What do you really believe of the new Goats On The road Logo? If you dislike it as well as you want us to modification our name to ‘Sheep On The Road’, please tell us!

2. Do you like the new style (colours, design etc.)?

3. What things would you like to see in the new site? a lot more articles on a specific topic? new pages?

We appreciate your help!

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